What Is Wannabethere
What is Wannabethere all about?

Have you ever wished you could be somewhere you can't be?

Well now you can be virtually anywhere with the digital miracle that is Wannabethere.

All you need to do it send us a photo of yourself taken on your phone or digital camera, and by following the instructions
HERE we can put you in the picture in a choice of great themes including any of the 92 Football League stadiums, iconic Beatles locations, top Golf courses and a host of dream Worldwide locations.

So why use Wannabethere?

Qualified member of the British Institute of Professional Photography, The Master Photographers Association and the Royal Photographic Society since 1988. We are a highly professional photographic studio with over 14 years experience photographing the Premier League football teams in the U.K. and we understand  all the important lighting and digital techniques, along with knowledge of angles that will be used to make your Wannabethere product look as if you were right there in your location of choice.
Wannabethere can take you from this...
to THIS!