Getting The Best Results
It’s really important for you to send us the very best quality pictures that you can, either taken with your smart phone or digital camera, so we’ve listed a few helping hints to help you along the way. Please study them carefully.
Don’t try and take a “selfie,” get a friend to do this for you or your phone holding arm will feature in the picture or even be missing and look unnatural.

Outdoor photographs work much better so stand in a shaded spot and not in bright sunlight, and do not use flash on your phone or camera.

As we need to cut you out of the background of your photo, make sure the background of your photograph is plain as  possible and uncluttered as in our sample shots. A garage door or plain outdoor wall makes a good background. (See Abbey Road Walk guide photo) Stand about 2 foot away from the background.

Have your picture taken with the phone or camera, in an upright or portrait position and not horizontal or landscape view.

Make sure your photos are taken at the highest quality your camera or phone will allow.
We need you to send us two photographs of each pose, so have your picture taken from two angles, one taken with you standing with your left shoulder slightly towards the phone or camera, and then change your standing position so that your right shoulder is now slightly facing the phone or camera. This can make such a difference as if you stand full square to the phone or camera, that will give a stiff “passport” unnatural feel to the finished item.
We need your photographs to be 3/4 length shots of you, so don’t have the picture taken with you either too low or too high in the phone or camera’s screen or viewfinder and make sure all of your head is in the picture.
Abbey Road Crossing
If you want to be on the famous Abbey road crossing, you need to have a full length shot taken, walking from left to right and looking straight ahead and not at the camera as can be seen in the photo in the Guide Below. Try not to look as if you are “marching”.
Guide to Taking Your Photos
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